Battlefield 3 Premium Members Bombarded with Events

DICE is tossing Battlefield 3 Premium players a veritable avalanche of events soon, as well as an oppotunity to design a new multiplayer map.

The weekend of August 25th and 26th offers premium players a Double XP Event with a community challenge contest on Facebook as well. 

By joining the event on Facebook you’ll be able to extend the hours you can rack up those double experience points.  You can check out the global start times over at the Battleblog.

Then on August 29th, Premium players get the first look at the “Amored Kill” trailer. The upcoming new DLC promises to add more maps, more weapons and “all-out vehicle warfare.” 

Also on the 29th, the monthly bonus content drop happens with an exclusive high-resolution digital artbook. The artbook will contain 24 original pieces from Battlefield’s development, the majority of which have never been seen by the public. 

Then finally, on August 31st, Battlefield Premium will have a chance to submit their own original multiplayer map idea and have it judged by the creators themselves. 

The winner of the contest will not only get their idea fleshed out in all it’s gritty glory but will also receive a super duper limited edition Battlefield 3 lithograph signed by the DICE team.  Even a non Battlefield player can appreciate the awesomeness of a prize like that.

So head on over to the Battleblog for all the details and become a premium member soon to be able to capitalize on all this cool stuff!