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Yakuza 5: New Updates For The Battle System

Famitsu reports of new gameplay updates heading towards Yakuza 5.

The game’s battle system is being overhauled, with all areas redone, including motion and enemy AI.

Fights will now occur more fluently and dynamically. You could be walking down the street and suddenly find yourself surrounded by street thugs.

Haruka now has a battle system of her own. The dance battle system will include a rhythm action game set to five genres: hip hop, house, idol, jazz and rock. Battling rival dancers will help build your meter. Once full, Haruka will be able to perform Dance Heat moves.

Once the battle is finished, spectators will act as judges. If she wins, her “expression power,” one reflection of an idol’s ability, will rise. Building up Haruka in this fashion is essential to help her come out on top in the Princess League idol tournament.