Sunflower Grows on Your PS Vita This Fall

If you’re a proud owner of the Playstation Vita then you’ll be happy to know a neat little game called Sunflower will be releasing this fall.

 At first sight Sunflower looks pretty casual and very similar to any number of mobile games you could find on your iDevice or Android.  While the objective is simple, you have to grow flowers using chain-reactions, the gameplay promises to be a bit more in depth.

You control the Sun, and you have the power to grow beautiful flowers on the ground. To do this, you shoot rays of sunlight through passing clouds, which turns the sunlight into water, which in turn causes the plants to grow. But if a sun ray touches a seed or a flower, it starts to burn and burning plants are never good, obviously. As you could probably guess, however, a drop of water will clear that burn right up.

Once your fancy flowers reach maturity, two new seeds pop out on both sides of it. If one new seed drops on an empty space it will be planted. If there’s already another flower the seed will bounce on it until it reaches a clear slot.  This triggers the combo system that the game really thrives on.

Every pretty flower grown during a game goes directly in your virtual garden, where you can watch your collection…ahem…grow…and if you grab one you already have you can offer them to your friends or a player nearby. Gotta catch them all, as they say!

There seems to be something for just about anyone in Sunflowers from casual to core gamers.  You’ll have three different difficulties, with rarer flowers for your garden popping up the harder settings.

Try out that green thumb on the PS Vita this Autumn.