Remember Me: 30 Minute Presentation Shows More of Memory Remix

I wasn’t really interested in Remember Me, until I watched this 30 minute video. It contains a lot of footage of actual gameplay, which seems to be the games most promising feature.

If you’re just interested in the gameplay, it starts at the 11:38 mark. Though, I highly recommend watching the entire thing, as it paints a compelling picture of the setting.

While this game doesn’t seem to be the most graphically appealing game I’ve ever seen, it has something many games don’t. Style. The artists really seem to make the most out of what they are working with, as the background always looks beautiful.

Whenever Nilin, the main character of Remember Me, uses her arm… thing, the game seemed to come alive in color and feel. The animations were also really crisp and fluid. The gameplay seems to be straight out of the Batman Arkham Series. Only, it’s set in the future and instead of a utility belt, there’s this arm… thing.

I also really enjoyed the setting of the story. Which I attribute 100% to the initial explanation during the first 11 minutes of the video. My only complaint is that the voice acting just doesn’t seem to bring the characters to life.