Diablo 3 Comments – David Brevik Vs. The World

Oh, Diablo 3. Will the dispute over if whether or not you’re a debacle, ever cease? With the recent controversy surrounding Diablo 3, I’m inclined to believe that this argument will go on forever.

If you’re not aware of the latest hijinks in drama, concerning Diablo 3, then allow me to direct your attention to an interview IncGamers did with David Brevik.

In it, he commented about some of the differences in design philosophy Blizzard South had, from the now disbanded Blizzard North, which was responsible for Diablo 1 and 2.

You can find the entire video interview, here.

I can’t imagine a more diplomatic, yet honest response that he could have given. He had a lot of logic and reason behind his points, that were backed up by a large percentage of the player base in of Diablo 3.

His comments also seemed to have been more of a criticism of the decisions and influences that led to Blizzard North being disbanded, rather than directed towards the individuals who made Diablo 3.

Yet, many of the people behind Diablo 3 seemed to disagree with my assessment and proceeded to start an ever escalating series of responses.