Sega Alliance Looks to Give Indie Mobile Games a Push

Sega is getting into the mobile publishing business with Sega Alliance, a new initiative designed around discovering, pushing, and publishing good indie games and good indie games on mobile platforms.

The program is still young, as it has just one released game under its belt: Owlchemy Labs’ creative spin on Fruit Ninja, Jack Lumber. The Sega Alliance has, no doubt, given Owlchemy a ton of the “comprehensive marketing and production support” and the creative consultation Sega says Alliance will extend to all of its clients.

Jack Lumber has been given some pretty good reviews so far with its interesting art style, as well as its slow-motion wood chopping mechanics. This is a pretty big first offering for something like Sega Alliance but with the name Sega behind a game it’s bound to do pretty well for itself. 

Be sure to check out the highly recommended Jack Lumber on your iDevice for $1.99 and keep an eye on Segment Next for more information regarding the Sega Alliance!