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Rumor – New Star Wars Social Game About Ewoks Incoming

Now, not everyone likes social games, but could the allure of Star Wars be enough to bring people into the fold? Let the Facebook notifications flow through you.

It’s kind of surprising that there isn’t some Lucas approved Star Wars social game already. We see social games for the likes of The Avengers and The Sims all the time, but why not Star Wars?

Well, that might be about to change. It seems that LucasFilm have just registered a web domain for “Ewok Village”. LucasFilm are the parent company for LucasArts, so they would be the ones to register website domains and other superfluous details.

Now, I know we’re just stoking the rumour mill here, but could this be a social game? City/village building sims are abundant as social games, and everybody loves Star Wars; being put in charge of an Ewok village isn’t that bad an idea. It could also be pre-emptive domain buying for some sort of Ewok-themed playset or mockumentary.

Y’know what? I hope it’s a social game. This would be the perfect opportunity to spam back people who constantly inundate me with requests to help out their farm.