Retro Dreamer Drops Price of Velocispider

In an awesome bit of science related gaming news, developer Retro Dreamer has decided to lower the price of their game Velocispider today in wake of a new discovery!

Scientists in Oregon recently found a new species of cave spider with “raptor-like sickle hands” and have even dubbed it “TrogloRaptor”. The exciting discovery even required the scientists to create a new taxonomic family for them, the first in America since 1862. 

This coincidental discovery is what prompted Retro Dreamer to drop the price of Velocispider by two dollars today, making it $0.99 for a limited time.

Velocispider is a vertical retro-action shooter in the same vein as Galaga and Space Invaders but with a Cyborg Velociraptor Spider, twist.  It’s gotten lots of great reviews and is definitely a lot a fun if retro shooters are your kind of thing.

So head on over to the Apple App Store and pick up the discounted Velocispider while avoiding the nightmares that pictures of the real thing may induce.