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Pitfall! Creator Turns to Kickstarter to Fund New Game

Pitfall! creator David Crane has launched a Kickstarter funding campaign for Jungle Adventure, a proposed side-scrolling platformer for Windows, Mac, Linux and the highly aniticpated new Independent Console: Ouya.

While no gameplay footage exists in the project’s current state, Crane promises that the game will be the ultimate evolution of the Pitfall! formula, offering full 3D backdrops and an involving multi-chapter storyline penned by “a top entertainment writer.”

The campaign is off to a slow start in its first week, earning just over $16, 588 toward its funding goal of $900,000 as of this writing. Crane hopes to drum up support in the coming week with an IAMA on Reddit this Tuesday.  A move he wouldn’t be the first person using Kickstarter to try.

Backers can receive all sorts of neat incentives.  Ranging from free copies of the game to lunch with the developers you can even have your face immortalized in the game forever for the right price. 

If you’re a fan of the old school Pitfall! game it’s definitely worth a look.