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Moustache King Adventure Adds Some Humor to Contest

The “A Game By Its Cover” indie game contest has definitely produced some interesting entires so far. 

A group of seasoned developers look to add a bit of fun and tongue in cheek humor to the contest with Moustache King Adventure . The developers sought to create an action platformer similar to Castlevania or Zelda II, and Moustache King Adventure largely delivers.

Players must run or later catapult-warp from town to town to fight various barons, gather power-ups and grow their moustache until it and its owner are formidable enough to be king. Players also earn extra health (tins of moustache wax) from defeating barons and finding kittens.

The game has it’s share of glitches and shortcomings, as most indie games usually do.  Collision detection and somewhat difficult combat near the beginning of the game are just a few examples.  Although, that shouldn’t deter anyone from playing the game, as the story will keep you chuckling all the way through. 

It’s not surprising to see something so fresh and interesting come from a team of respected game makers, though. The group of devs behind Moustache King Adventure are Jason Boyer and Kevin Carville from Jable’s Adventure, Masjin developer Hempuli, writer Ryan Pietz, and the Hyperduck Soundworks team. 

You can pick up Moustache King for Windows, right now.