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Mobile Gaming Update Roundup

Fans of portable dungeon crawlers are in for a treat this week as Glu Mobile’s impressive-looking sequel, Eternity Warriors 2, hits the iOS and Android app stores.

Taking place 100-years after the original effort, this third-person hack-and-slash adventure features armies of monsters to slaughter, lots of loot to grab, iCloud saves if you’re playing it on your iDevice and tons quests to complete. On top of that, it’s free-to-play. 

In other App Update News: A massive update also hit Organ Trail: Director’s Cut, with numerous tweaks and cool additions. The popular zombie survival game now features increased movement during the bandit chase, added some speed to the zombie bear, cheaper ammo, spelling fixes, and a host of other improvements. 

If you haven’t checked out this hilarious homage to The Oregon Trail, it comes highly recommended.

I’m also pleased to announce that Everplay Interactive’s 2D hack and slasher, Spell Sword, benefited from a hefty free update.  A huge bundle of 60 all-new missions were added, along with the Sky Temple arena, as well as over 30 new items, enemies and Spell Cards. 

It’s also good to hear that a new update has hit for Metal Slug 3 that aims to fix the few minor issues players had. First, you’ll have a new option for a windowed play area.

It shrinks the entire game screen down and positions it in the upper middle of the screen. The border space that the smaller screen creates, on the sides and underneath, is used for displaying the controls. It’s a much nicer setup as long as you don’t mind playing with a smaller game area. Another addition is an “auto-fire” option. 

Even though games like Metal Slug 3 were meant to be button mashers an option like this is a welcome add-on to help give that tired thumb a rest every once in awhile.

If you have any sort of interest in 90s-era run-n-gun arcade shooters, then head on over to the Apple App store and pick up Metal Slug 3 for $6.99.