Microsoft Calls For More 360 Dashboard Testers

Xbox 360’s Major Nelson has put a call out for more dashboard beta testers today.

Due to the high demand for a beta testing position back in July Microsoft has decided to increase the amount but despite this increased number, spaces are still limited.  For those who sign up you’ll have an update pushed to your Xbox that contains the new features being tested.

Among these new features are Internet Explorer support, a way to recommend and rate games, movies, and music, “pinning” and favorites, some enhanced category searches as well as voice search and some new “discovery features”. 

For those applying, be warned, you’ll be signing a Non-Disclosure aggrement and breaking it comes with some severe punishments along the lines of not being able to ever participate in a beta again and loss of Xbox Live access, so keep those lips zipped!

If you’d like to sign up head on over to Major Nelson’s blog and click the sign up link!  Happy Testing!