Latest Dust 514 Closed Beta Starts Today, Interacting with EVE Online

Today marks the first day that CCP’s Dust 514 will make first contact with the public EVE Online servers in this latest closed beta test. For those of you that have the elusive beta keys, this is a chance to experience a groundbreaking event in the history of EVE Online

Anyone with a PS3 and an EVE Online account can take advantage of this closed beta with their free, complimentary beta key. And all PS Plus users are being given beta access as well, but they can’t get in on the beta until tomorrow.

This will be the first closed beta in which players in both games get to interact with one another. EVE players will be able to support friendly Dust players with orbital bombardments, and Dust players will soon be able to attack  enemy EVE player ships with Orbital Artillery outposts. Surface to Orbit attacks and vice versa? Sounds like fun to me.

There’s also some new features, such as the Instant Battle Matchmaking system. Interestingly, Keyboard/Mouse support is also being added in this beta event, so if you’re used to PC-style FPS games, just plug in your keyboard and mouse.

Source: vg247