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Free Co-op DLC Coming to Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line
2K Games have announced a free DLC pack to introduce co-op play to their incredibly moving third-person-shooter game; Spec Ops: The Line.

After achieving some surprising success in the mainstream gaming market, Spec Ops: The Line has gone on to be one of the examples of just how to write a moving story and still manage to pull off the ubiquitous war setting that is so popular in FPS and third-person shooting games today.

This new co-op DLC doesn’t look to expand on that story, but to improve it in places. Four of the objective-based missions from the single-player portion of the game will be co-opted into this co-op mode.

2K have promised that unique objectives, characters and environments will be available in the co-op mode, but didn’t say much more on the matter. The update is available now to download, and will add the co-op DLC completely free of charge.