EA’s David Rutter Explains the New Skill Dribbling in FIFA 13

Last week at GamesCom David Rutter dropped tons of amazing information about the new FIFA 13 game and all the new additions players will be getting this year.

One of the most anticipated additions is the “Skill Dribbling” feature.  In previous years you could move in 360 degrees while dribbling and last year saw the additon of precision dribbling which allowed for more precise movement.  Rutter says that FIFA 13 will combine the two:

In order for our fans to really express themselves we needed to do something about the dribbling. Last year we had precision dribbling, which was pretty good, so this year we have skill dribbbling and we really wanted to take that to the next level. 

What we did with 360 degree dribbling in previous years and precision dribbling last year with the ability to move small increments and jink around people we really wanted to take it to its natural conclusion this year which is complete dribbling.

According to Rutter they’re really looking to have the most lifelike style of play ever expressed in videogame form and he says they have “put tons of work into attacking and intelligence” as well as giving players “freedom of creativity when playing”.

The more we continue to hear about FIFA 13 the more excited the player base becomes and the countdown had certainly begun.