EA Australia To Reveal Something ‘BIG’ Next Week

Being a gamer, I will find it hard to believe if you don’t have any of the EA Games as one of your favorites. They are literally in every gaming genre and expanding as ever. Today, however, EA Australia has teased about something ‘BIG’ on twitter, and the silence will be broken the upcoming week.

Since it was a tweet, people just rushed in with all sorts of guesses. For the time being, we know that it’s neither a game nor a service.

EA Games Aus ‏@EA_Australia
Something BIG is coming… More details this week.

EA Games Aus ‏@EA_Australia
@KlubbinJayNFSW Not a game. 🙂 Would you be keen for a Shift 3 though? -Jiggsy

EA Games Aus ‏@EA_Australia
@kohiaji Not a service. You’ll have to stay tuned! -Jiggsy

You can follow this link to read the complete feed.

So, the two obvious guesses (a game or a service) are not valid here; what else could it be? Share with us in the comments below!