EA Are Laying Off PopCap Employees Quietly

A source in the industry indicates that EA have been quietly laying off employees from their PopCap studio in Seattle for a few months, now.  EA have already been pressed for information on whether the rumours are true, but their representatives have simply advised people that the publisher do not comment on rumour and speculation.

The rumours are spreading concern for the company, however the announcement of Plants vs Zombies 2 also makes it look like PopCap are going to be just fine. The rumours began yesterday when George Broussard of 3D Realms let slip that mass lay-offs and restructuring were coming to the casual developer.

Those of you that remember EA purchasing PopCap this time last year, might remember that EA were supposed to give PopCap a lot of freedom, and adopt a hands-off approach with how PopCap were to run things. So what do these sudden cuts really mean for PopCap and EA’s management?

Source: VG247