Dota 2: Spectator Mode Now Available For All Steam Users

Valve is working hard on their upcoming Dota 2 title. Today they announced their moba game to now have a fully working spectator client which is currently available to all Steam users.

Players can use the Spectator mode to jump into and spectate live Dota 2 games or check out some recent matches and tournaments.

The announcement of the Spectator mode comes shortly before Valve’s ‘The Internation’ tournament which features a $1 Million prize pool and will begin on 31st of August alongside PAX Prime.

The Spectator mode is just the beginning of many new features and intended changes. Valve intends to slowly change the client into a full game.

According to Valve:

This will become your full client once we expand server capacity enabling Matchmaking, Chat, Persona, etc.

Many players have commented on Dota 2’s Spectator mode being better than that of rival game League of Legends.

Dota 2 is currently in beta and will release later this year.