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LinkedIn Profile of An Artist Hints Dragon Age 3

The original Dragon Age was admired a lot but the sequel received mixed views and could not keep up the standards of the original game. The franchise however, has been popular enough that another installment wouldn’t be surprising.

A Bioware Artist’s LinkedIn Portfolio has been found to list “Dragon Age 3” along with other EA games like Mass Effect 3 etc. This is not it, recently, a possible Dragon Age 3 logo has also made its way to the web providing further proof that we may hear something official about the sequel soon.

In any case, it’s still a rumor and we can’t just start anticipating quite yet. We have been hearing a lot of rumors about Half Life 3 but that my friends, is still a mystery. Hopefully, if Dragon Age 3 is actually in development, we soon will hear about it from EA.

Source: OnlySP