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Konami Still Struggling In Licence Race Against EA

The big question I have here is, “Why?” Why is Konami, or anyone other than EA, trying to make a sports game. There’s a very good reason that EA has virtually no competition, as proven with Konami’s recent struggles.

In June the leader Jon Murphy of the European PES team told Eurogamer that Konami can’t compete with EA the makers of FIFA, on licenses.

There are obviously a lot of existing contacts between EA and who they deal with and a lot of trust between them, and there’s a lot of money changing hands, and trying to break into those situations is very hard. At the same time it should be pretty obvious that we can’t compete with the massive budgets they have to throw at these things.

So, for example, with the Premier League, we’ve opened up negotiations with them in the past and we’ve got quite close to what we thought was a good offer. It went to EA exclusively. And then after that EA have been dealing directly with the clubs themselves to lock us out of individual club deals as well. So there are several layers we have to be trying to fight through.

It seems like a hopelessly pointless endeavor to move in on EA’s sports territory.  Unfortunately for gamers, this monopoly only hinders these sports games. Since EA has no real competition to speak of, they have no real incentive to make the most amazing sports games of all time.

Whereas Sony and Microsoft are constantly trying to one up each other, on their exclusive games. Which results in games like Halo, God of War and Uncharted. Oh well, I guess.

Source: Eurogamer