Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshots Making The Rounds

Rockstar have released these new screenshots for upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, showing us the three different modes of transport.

These three photos are spread far and wide across the internet, and gamers everywhere are all fired up in anticipation of the next Grand Theft Auto game. In fact, GTA has managed to snag two of the top ten trends on Twitter in the past few hours alone.

As for the screens, first up we have the ubiquitous car! Like nobody saw that one coming.

Grand Theft Auto V Screen 1

Then the slightly more unorthodox bicycle:

Grand Theft Auto V Screen 3

And finally, the almighty jet fighter:

Grand Theft Auto V Screen 2

Planes? Cars? Basically the same thing. It looks to be a military jet as well, suggesting more involvement with military themes. Or just highjacking an army base, either fits the GTA card quite nicely.

Rockstar promised more to come later this week, but haven’t specified what is coming. More screens? New information? Be sure that we’ll have the news the second Rockstar spill the beans.