Valve Bringing New DoTA 2 Documentary

Valve has always been known to be the best developer support when it comes to multiplayer games. I reckon Infinity Ward could take a least a dozen lessons from them in this regard.

Today they announced something interesting which I haven’t seen coming from other developers before. Valve will document the journey of several hopeful e-sports stars in their upcoming title, DoTA 2.

This documentary will follow players who previously entered ‘The International 2011’, DoTA 2’s tournament at a global scale featuring $1 million which at that time was the biggest prize fund in e-Sports history. I said at that time because Riot is offering a $4 million pool for their Season 2 this year.

The documentary will feature their personal stories, how their families react to them earning through playing games and much more.

Valve has listed the project as ‘coming soon’ and speculations are that it will be released around the launch date.

DoTA fans would be interested to know that The International 2012 is all set to take place in Seattle from 31st August until 2nd September.