Super Hero Creator Let’s You Share Custom Heroes with Friends

Developer WSL Apps released their Superhero Creator today for the  iPhone and iPod touch.

Be it a caped crusader, a masked champion or cyborg, this app has it everything you’ll need to create your own comic book hero. Once you’ve got the name and look down you’ll be able to test out the hero’s abilities against robots in an X-Men Danger Room sort of situation.

Superhero Creator features a rich and deep customizable system, with each hero having their own abilities, traits and various other customizable options. 

The app seems to have a few downsides and glitches at launch with the exclusion of female hero creation and there isn’t much to do beyond creating and fleshing out your hero but there’s hope of an update to add those things in later on. 

The game definitely seems to borrow a lot from current comic book heroes, as well. You’ll be able to have telekinies like Professor X or control weather like Storm. There’s the usual social networking integration where you’ll be able to post your heroes to Facebook or Twitter, also.

If you grew up trying to draw and design your own wacky super heroes with terrible names then this is definitely the app for you. It’s a 21st century superhero idea notebook. 

Check it out for your iDevice today for only $0.99.