Portal 2: Update Adds Support For Co-op Levels in the Level Creator

Sometimes solo testing just isn’t enough. For science, you need more limbs, just in case something happens to the ones you’ve got. Valve understands the needs of the Aperture Science testing department and today released an update which makes it possible to design co-op levels in the game’s level creation system.

They’ve also added a ‘Quick Play’ option, which makes it easier to access the top rated user-created maps of various categories. This’ll definitely be useful as sifting through the 170,000 single player maps can be a bit of a problem.

Keeping with the co-op theme, Valve is giving away tradable 75% coupons for the game to current owners to give to a friend. I suppose I could give mine to my pet hamster. Don’t know anyone else who doesn’t already have the game.