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Nintendo Mired In Controversy Over Usage Of Conflict Minerals

Nintendo is facing controversy over the usage of conflict minerals that are used for the manufacturing of its hardware.

Conflict Minerals is a term used to define minerals that have been mined by people working in the armed conflict areas, full of human rights abuse or slave labor.

The allegations on Nintendo have been made by the Enough Project which aims to end genocide and crimes against humanity.

The organization claims that Nintendo is the only big worldwide technology company that actively does not check or ensure whether the raw materials used for its products are conflict minerals or not.

Sasha Lezhnev, Senior Policy Analyst at the Enough Project, had the following to say about Nintendo:

Nintendo is, I believe, the only company that has basically refused to acknowledge the issue or demonstrate they are making any sort of effort on it, said Sasha Lezhnev, senior policy analyst at the Enough Project. “And this is despite a good two years of trying to get in contact with them.

Nintendo has replied to the allegations by taking the stance that it is their production partners who are responsible for acquiring the raw materials for their products but none the less they take their social responsibilities very seriously.

Following is a statement issued by Nintendo regarding this matter to CNN:

Nintendo outsources the manufacture and assembly of all Nintendo products to our production partners and therefore is not directly involved in the sourcing of raw materials that are ultimately used in our products.

The company added: We nonetheless take our social responsibilities as a global company very seriously and expect our production partners to do the same.