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Black Ops 2 – A Look At The Weapon Attachments Stats

Indeed, there has been a lot of information released this past week relating to Black Ops 2. Yet, it appears that this steady stream of information isn’t quite finished yet.

Thanks to a leak on Reddit, images have been released detailing the statistics for some of the attachments in Black Ops 2. Keep in mind that the game is still very much so in development and all of this is subject to change.

The new Millimeter Scanner is an attachment that I’ve already fallen in love with. As someone who’s a big fan of runnin’ and gunnin’, having a scope that detects campers is straight out of my wildest dreams. That’s the real beauty of the attachment, the fact that it doesn’t work against mobile targets.

I’d like to know more about the Target Finder, before I pass judgment. I’m curious as to if it paints targets for a duration after you’ve acquired them in your sights. If so, does the painted target show up for your allies?