Beyond: Two Souls 7 Minute Gameplay Video

Everyone who is anyone in the games business is taking about Quantic Dream’s upcoming Beyond: Two Souls game, which is a PS3 exclusive title.

At Gamescom 2012 this week, a games enthusiasts from AllGamesBeta filmed Quantic Dream’s presentation of the new title.

The capture video (below) features seven minutes of pure gameplay from Beyond: Two Souls, along with narration and other details give by David Cage, the project’s lead.

Most of the gameplay footage was previously shown behind closed doors at E3. That and more has never been released to the public. Hence, you can sit back, relax and marvel at what Sony is bringing you.

In the video you see Jodie Holmes trying to escape the police on her motorbike. She however, falls and is surrounded. Even though she’s hurt, the police officials do not close in on her for they know she’s not normal.

Jodie has the power to call on an invisible ghost entity Aidan. Aidan can pass through matter and interact with objects and enemies.