iOS Game Perfect Cell is Free for a Limited Time

There’s a pretty amazing deal going on right now in the Apple App Store.  Developer Mobigame has just added a new title to their current Summer Sale Promotion, the atmospheric action game Perfect Cell.  In Perfect Cell you play as an alien life form that crash lands on Earth and is subsequently captured by humans and kept in an underwater laboratory for studying.

As you can imagine, that’s not exactly where you’d prefer to spend the rest of your days, so you embark on a journey to break out.  Taking down guards and solving various puzzles in the expansive laboratory.

You make your way through each level of the laboratory using slick and intuitive touch and drag controls.  Utilizing the alien’s ability to split into three separate pieces you can solve environmental puzzles to advance.

Furthermore, you can use a line-drawing mechanic to plan an attack on an enemy, dicing them up into pieces and then zipping back into the shadows before they ever knew what hit them.

Something that makes the game unique is its non-linear level completion.  If you want to go all out and just attack everything in your way, you can.  If you want to stealthily take down each enemy, you can do that to…it’s nice to see a game allowing for different playstyles and not pigeon-holing the player into one or another. 

Normally $2.99, it’s definitely worth a play for the low price of free.