Halo 4: Multiplayer Specializations Detailed

Here’s a neat breakdown of all eight specialization classes that are going to be featured in Halo 4’s multiplayer mode.

Each specialization grants a couple of bonuses to the player, which when combined correctly in teams can prove vital for a victory.

Specilization will have players unlocking 10 extra levels for in-game rewards. The first nine rewards are in terms of cosmetics: skins for armor sets and weapons, emblems and visor color. The tenth level grants you an ultimate ability.

Pioneer and Wetwork will be available to all at launch. Those who have purchased the limited edition of Halo 4 will have access to all eight at launch.


The Wetwork armor mod excels in the stealth department and will be available to all players out of the box.

  • Someone using Promethean vision will only see your outline as opposed to seeing you as a big red icon.
  • You will create less noise while sprinting.
  • Assassination animations will be quicker leaving you vulnerable for only a short duration.
  • Wetworks is available to all players out of the box.


The Pioneer specialization will be available to all players at launch.

  • It’s Fast Track mod earns you experience points at a higher rate.
  • Players can change load-outs mid-match.


Anyone using the Engineer specialization will have a major advantage in predicting weapon drops.

  • It’s Drop Recon armor mod signals a weapon drop to the player, a few seconds before anyone else sees the drop coming down.
  • Based on the distance to the weapon, you can get an arrow pointing you to where the nearest timed ordinance drop is coming in.


Time to talk about items and weapons re-roll.

  • It’s Requisition armor mod allows you to re-roll an ordinance drop and get a new selection of weapons.


The iron lungs perk from Call of Duty is here.

  • Taking shots while zoomed in will not cause your character to pull back after each shot.
  • The stability mod allows a more stable vision making head shots easier.


If the word ‘revenge’ sounds sweet to you then this specialization is tailored made for you.

  • It’s Nemesis armor mod tracks the last person who killed you on the HUD as a shinning icon.
  • Enemies who have attacked but not killed you are also tracked.


Perfect for players who like grabbing turrets.

  • It’s Gunner mod grants you low cool-downs on vehicle weapon overheating.
  • Players move faster while carrying a detached emplacement.


This is a necessity for players who like to man vehicles on the battlefield.

  • The Wheelman armor mod grants resistance against EMP pulse shocks.
  • Ability to recharge health of a vehicle at a faster rate.

Which of these will you be opting for?