Darksiders 2 Skills Tree and Builds Guide

Apart from the Special Items and Abilities, Death also has a skill progression system. Each time you level up, a point is awarded, which can be used to upgrade skills from the options. Death’s skill trees have been divided into two categories; The Harbinger and The Necromancer.

You can choose to spend these points as you wish but since there won’t be plenty of these, you should not really waste them on random upgrades.

If somehow, you find that the upgrades, you did aren’t paying off well, then you need to see Vulgrim, who will offer you the respec token for a small amount which you can use to reset the trees.

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Draksiders 2 Harbinger Skill Tree

The tree focuses on improving Death’s basic combat skills; Teleport Slash, Harvest and Ustoppable. Each of these skills have an individual sub-tress for further improvements.

Teleport Slash Sub-Tree
Teleport Slash is a useful ability in multiple ways. First, Death restores a small bit of his power on executing this attack. The attack is effective enough to take out normal corruption enemies in a single blow. The move can also be used to move away tactically in a situation where you are surrounded by enemies and outnumbered.

Since the teleport uses the Wrath meter, you won’t be able to use it too often. But if you buy the Unending Fury Upgrade, you can make use of it several times. Death Blossom Rank is another recommended upgrade that increases the damage of the attack to a greater degree.

Harvest Sub-Tree
The skill will make Death enter the reaper form for a small duration in which Death executes a swirling scythes attack. The attack is good enough to do considerable amount of damage and even if someone has managed to escape the attack, the enemy will be pushed back that can give death a breathing space. The upgrades in this tree can increase Death’s damage output or generate the Reaper energy.

Unstoppable Sub-Tree
The skill actually unleashes Death’s fury that will have no mercy on the enemies daring to attack. The strength and critical hit is increased multiple times which enables Death to land lethal blows. Call of the Grave is a recommended upgrade that will enable you to keep the fury last for longer duration.

Harbinger Tree’s Final Skill
Reaper Storm is the final skill Death can learn after he has reached level 20. You remember Harvest skill, right? What if i say that this is almost the same thing but the effect can last for as long as 8 seconds? It’s incredible. Whenever you are surrounded by a group of enemies receiving more damage than anticipated, just activate Reaper Storm and just enjoy the annihilation.

Darksiders 2 – Necromancer Tree

While Harbinger skill tree renders Death with offensive skills, the Necrmances skill tree mainly focuses on strengthening the defenses and also let’s him summon minions for aid in the battle. This too has some sub-trees including Exhumer,Aegis Guard and Murder.

Exhume Sub-Tree
The skill allows Death to summon some aggressive creatures (Ghouls). These creatures can be helpful in battle by distracting enemy’s attention away from Death. If you buy upgrades like Corpse Explosion (Ghouls explode on death) and Max Out (Ghouls last longer), their supportive role can be increased manifolds.

Aegis Guard Sub-Tree
If you want defense to be strong, Aegis Guard is the skill you should be spending points on. And if you manage to get the upgrades for the skills Reflect and Grounding, you will also be able to land hits that will do some hefty damage.

Murder Sub-Tree
Murder is a descent diversion skill one can possess. Death will able to summon flocks of crows that will swarm the enemies forcing them loose their aligned formation. You can upgrade Murder for different benefits like restoring Death’s health, restoring his reaper energy or even freezing the enemies.

Fenzy – The Final Necromancer Skill
Death’s all Wrath meter will be consumed in one single deadly blow. You can consume the Wrath portion and execute the move once again. You can use this move to deal with the more resistant enemies who will otherwise, give you a hard time.

Darksiders 2 Skill Builds

Since the skill upgrade points aren’t that abundant, you may want to know the best (generally) possible combinations from the two main skill trees. Checkout the following list of some of the useful combinations and their results.

Maximum HealingTeleport Slash (maxed out) + Harvest (with Trauma) + Murder (with Bless)
You will be able to do damage and also earn some health.

Wrath of the DeathTeleport Slash (with Unending Fury) + Exhume (with Enervation) + Frenzy
You can be owner of infinite Wrath which can be useful specially when you are fond of using Teleport Slash.

Reaper Madness!Harvest (with Red Harvest) + Aegis Guard (with Grave Defense and Enraged Guardian) + Murder (with Heralds of Death)
The combination will decimate even strongest of the enemies without any fuss.

If you know any other combinations you found effective, don’t forget to share with us in the comments below!