Darksiders 2 Controversy Arises As Studio Denies Missing Credits Allegations

Darksiders 2 has so far received raving reviews from critics all around averaging a metacritic score of 85 as of this point. However, everyone who worked on the game is not happy.

Shortly after it was released Darksiders 2 user interface designer Xander Davis took to twitter to rant about his frustrations of being left out from the game’s credits.

Oh delightful. Just found out I’m not even credited on Darksiders 2 when the UI is 99% from my direction & hard work, done in record time,” he wrote. I led the revamp effort, created the pipeline, redesigned & rebuilt every screen, worked till 2AM every night, worked w/ leads every step.

In his later tweets, Mr. Davis claimed that he was “whisked to Austin” and given the goal of fixing up the game’s UI which apparently was a “complete mess” mere months before the release of the game. He and his team got the job done and then, after “revamping 27 screens in 30 days, providing a new art direction, new layout & flow,” he was cut.

Davis claimed that he was cut a month  after DMO (Dark Millennium Online) changed and Herb Ellwood came and took his place.

I was let go a month after DMO [Dark Millennium Online] changed, they merged the other UI team, & Herb Ellwood swooped in & stole my job. After all my hard work,” Davis tweeted. “Herb Ellwood only had a contract with THQ. He used the team merging (which we needed to make ship) to secure a salary. Mine

Vigil Games studio has a different take on this story of Mr. Davis. In a statement released after the fiasco went viral, General Manager David Adams said that Darksiders 2 had been in development for two and a half years and Davis worked on the game for only 90 days. He clarified that Xander Davis was not laid off when his job was complete but fired due to his “sub-par performance”.

When we were forced to reduce staff due to the cancellation of a project, we worked hard to ensure every single person effected by the layoff received their credit in the game.  We did not include individuals whose employment terminated for any other reason, for example, being let go for documented poor performance, Adams said.

Who knows which party is at fault here? If what Xander Davis says is true, then one can understand his frustrations, and they are just one feels but also there is just as much a chance of him being a disgruntled sour ex-employee trying to get back at his employers for firing him.