Closed Beta for Mech-FPS Game “Hawken” Begins Soon

Adehesive Games’ seems to have a winner on their hands with their PC mech combat game, Hawken. 

The game is only just now gearing up for a closed beta this Fall and it’s winning all sorts of awards from journalists.  It even snagged “Best Free to Play Game” and “Best PC Game” at this year’s E3.  So Adhesive has taken that popularity and continues to steam roll right on into GamesCom with tons of new game footage and playable demos on the show floor.

Using the Unreal Engine to it’s fullest, Hawken is an FPS with a MechWarrior twist.  You’ll pilot your own customized mech in the usual Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch modes, dealing out full payloads of rockets and machine gun fire.  You’ll also have limited booster jets for flying out of harms way or gaining air advantage over that hard to kill opponent.

The closed Beta is starting soon so head on over to PlayHawken and sign up while you still can. The projected release date is 12/12/12 only on PC.