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“Castle Crashers” Finally Makes Its Way to Steam

Castle Crashers
Super popular retro-beatem’ up game Castle Crashers debuted on the Xbox 360 a few years back.  Ever since then, PC gamers have been clamoring for a release to their favorite platform: Steam.  So while it may have taken awhile, if Valve likes it enough to invite the developers to show it off at GamesCom this week, we shouldn’t be too upset about it’s somewhat late arrival to the PC scene.

The Steam version will feature achievements, Steam Cloud support, multiplayer both LAN and online, over 30 levels and 5 arena modes, more than 25 characters and 40+ weapons, and lots of other goodness.  

It’s still quite surprising it has taken so long for the game to make it to PC and we’ll still be waiting for awhile as no solid release date has been announced.  So keep an eye on Segment Next and we’ll be sure to let you know when to expect some princess saving to arrive!