Capcom gives Mega Man Another Try on Mobile Devices

Capcom has attempted to bring the iconic Blue Blomber iOS in the past with little fanfare.

First there was a port of Mega Man II. It was technically a port of a feature phone version that had dumbed down gameplay, and obviously touch screen controls weren’t the best option for one of the hardest platformers ever.

Capcom did release later updates that offered better control options and a mode that more closely resembled the original NES version but by then players had already deleted it from their devices.

Then late last year we got an iOS version of Mega Man X, another beloved classic in the series from the SNES era. It was an extremely better playing experience than Mega Man II on the touch screen, but the new visuals just were not on par with the ones everyone grew up with.

So with those two lackluster iDevice entiries under his belt, Mega Man’s presence on the App Store has been lackluster to say the least. Capcom is giving it one more go, though, with a game titled Mega Man Xover (Crossover).

It’s named as such because it will offer a cross section of previous Mega Man worlds. You’ll be able to build your own Mega Man robot, which sounds really great until they mention that you’ll be battling in the mean streets of what’s being referred to as a “social RPG”.

Based on the screens, it kind of looks like Mega Man Xover could even be an endless runner type game. The “social RPG” aspect could involve spending real money to purchase cooler looking pieces of armor or special upgrades and then posting your progress on Facebook for all to see.

Mega Man Xover will be hitting Japan this fall with no current release date announced for the US.  With the growing popularity of social games like this, however, I’m sure it won’t be long.