Until Dawn Announced Exclusively For The PS3

Sony announced Until Dawn a PlayStation exclusive title developed by Supermassive during its press conference yesterday at Gamescom.

Until Dawn features the story of seven teenagers as they visit the site of their friend’s disappearance to get some “closure.” . You get to play all seven teenagers who are trying make it through the night and what seems to be a killer on their trail.

Until Dawn has been inspired from the cult-classic genre of teen horror so expect all the teen horror clichés to be in it. Until Dawn features a branching-out story system which will change itself according to the player choices much like Heavy Rain. So expect no two playthroughs of the game to be same. Which of these teenagers survives the night depends on all on your actions.

Until Dawn uses the playstation move as it’s only controller. Much of the game your move controller will act as a torch in the game helping you navigate through total darkness. According to Supermassive, the Move controller will ”intuitively map your actions in the real world to those of your character’s hand in the game world.”

Here is the announcement trailer for Until Dawn.

Let’s hope it is as good as Heavy Rain or even better upon it’s release.