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Mirror’s Edge and Bad Company Are ‘Too Good To Kill’

If you’re a fan of the cult hits Mirror’s Edge or Bad Company then prepare to be excited. 

DICE executive producer Patrick Bach has officially confirmed that the Mirror’s Edge franchise isn’t dead and that Bad Company “is still an IP we love.”  He continues:

They’re very dear to me because I worked on both titles.  We have no information with where we are to a sequel to Bad Company so I can’t tell you anything about that IP.

Going back to Mirror’s Edge he mentions its popularity and how it keeps it alive:

We love it and of course we haven’t killed it, because it’s too good to kill.

Near the end of the interview he goes on to say that they have many more projects in store for us but doesn’t mention if those happen to be a new IP, Mirror’s Edge sequel, or new Bad Company entry.

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Source. IGN