“Infinite Warrior” Puts Twist on the “Endless” Genre

There is definitely a disgustingly large amount of similar endless running games in the Apple App Store, so it’s always nice when someone tries to do something different with the genre and put their own twist on it.

Empty Flask Games is doing just that with their first iOS title Infinite Warrior. It’s technically an endless high score game, but instead of running, jumping and sliding you’re killing dudes using different touch screen gestures.

Infinite Warrior looks like a much slower game than most similar titles, and on the surface it doesn’t seem terribly deep. However, the big thing that might catch your eye about it is it’s surprisingly well done visuals. According to the developer the character animations are even motion captured by a professional Hollywood fight coordinator!

So how will the actual gesture combat work? Will it be complex and dynamic similar to games like Infinity Blade?  Most players would agree that as long as its intuative enough and easy to learn and keeps with those great visuals, it’ll be worth picking up.

Look for Infinite Warrior to drop in early September