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Halo 4 To Get War Games Map Pass For Multiplayer

On top of today’s multiplayer specialization details, 343 Industries has also given some more information on the Limited Edition of Halo 4.

In an unsurprising revelation 343 Industries announced that the “War Games Map Pass” will be sold separately.

Previously only announced as part of the Limited Edition, this “Map Pass” will nab you three DLC packs, consisting of three maps apiece, for 15% off the cost of buying them separately. You’ll also get two exclusive helmets and a special Falcon emblem.

343 outlined the full line-up of extras in the Limited Edition today too, which includes the map pass, access to all the multiplayer specializations, a “UNSC briefing packet,” the Forward Unto Dawn special edition, and various digital content, Recruit and Prime armor, Prime weapon skin and emblem, Recruit Avatar armor, and a Cryo-Tube Avatar prop.

The “Map Pass” will go on sale for $24.99 on November 6, alongside the game itself.