God of War: Ascension Gets New Multiplayer Trailer

With Gamescom wrapping up, Sony seems to have another treat for us with this new Multiplayer trailer for God of War: Ascension that shows all the Hacky-Slashy-Button-Mashy fun the series is known for, except you get to do it to other people. Watch as Generic Beefy Herculean Behemoths slice and dice other Generic Beefy Herculean Behemoths.

The combat looks like a bucket-and-a-half of fun; the trailer shows us some uses of traps and team fights, as well as finishing moves that absolutely devastate your enemies. Watch as a man is impales on spikes while another is chopped in half lengthwise.

I wasn’t sure about Sony’s decision to include multiplayer in God of War, it seemed like they were running out of ideas and just decided to tack it on so they could put something new on the features list, but this trailer has convinced me to at least keep an open mind.

We’ll see how it all pans out once the game ships in March next year for PS3.