FIFA 13: Vita Version Won’t Connect With PS3

EA Sports has revealed that the upcoming FIFA 13 title on the PlayStation Vita will not connect with the PS3 version of the game.

David Rutter from EA Sports confirmed the Vita version in an interview with Eurogamer.

We are doing a Vita version. Sony were kind enough to put that up yesterday, though I don’t know if it’s going to be called FIFA 13 or FIFA Soccer.

Rutter further added:

We don’t have cross-platform play. It’s something that, when you look at the priorities of what’s going to be done, do you want to be working on passing, shooting, attacking intelligence etc. or that – and we’d rather make a brilliant playing game for everyone rather than something that’s only going to appeal to specific people.

Rutter also confirmed that for now sharing save files between the PS3 and Vita will not be possible.

EA Sports for now is trying to bring the FIFA experience across all platforms.

But all of the things that we’re trying to figure out across football at the moment is how to get every device connected up.