Diablo 3: Legendary Items Getting An Overhaul

Diablo 3’s inferno mode packs an insane difficulty level. This mode is only for the hardcore players who are bent on getting the best loot out there and cream anything that comes in their path.

Playing a game on the utmost difficulty level also means that the rewards are going to be kick-ass.

Sadly the loot so far is great only in matters of stats. Many players have complained for months that the ‘Legendary’ items just look plain boring.

There’s a reason that these items are called legendary because they are the rarest of rare and it’s extremely difficult getting them. Hence, if you do manage to get, lets say a legendary bow, it should look the part as well.

Andrew Chambers, senior game designer for the game addressed such complains today on Diablo 3’s blog. He accepted the fact that the complains were legit and assured fans that it would correct in the coming 1.0.4 patch. All Legendary items will now be given even better stats and a unique visual effect.

Most of those comments were fairly harsh, but they were also dead-on accurate.

Chambers also mentioned that they plan to bring some iconic items back from previous games into Diablo 3 (Frostburn Gauntlets and Buriza-Do Kyanon).

We’ve done a pass on all the ‘ancestor’ Legendaries to make sure they remain as true to their name as we could make them, and in some cases we’ve made them even better.

A video released shows off the visual effects (Mainly elemental) added to the Legendary weapons.