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Darksiders 2 Gnomad Gnomes Locations Guide – How To Get GnoMad Scythes

In this Darksiders II collectables guide we’ll go over the rare ‘Gnomes’ collectables.

The Gnomes – which are four in number – are one of the most difficult-to-find collectable items. Collecting all four will reward you with the GnoMAD Scythes.

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Darksiders 2 Gnomad Gnomes Locations

Gnome #1
Location. The first Gnome is found in the City of the Dead, fourth floor, in the room with the switch that flips a panel on the wall. This is found at the northwest balcony, which has a hidden passage behind a turning ledge that you can grab onto.

Use Soul Splitter to have on soul step on the switch, and the other grab on the second hand hold. While you are hanging, have the other soul step off the switch. Switch back to the hanging soul and follow the revealed room.  There will be the Gnome alongside the treasure chests.

Gnome #2
Location. This Gnome can be found in Ivory Citadel, first floor. It is located in the west tower, where you clear the corruption and make the water safe to walk on. Follow the Aqueduct north, and then drop down to where the waterfall finishes.

Drop down further into the sewer like place, with the hole in the wall, and follow the water and you’ll see the Gnome floating above a rock.

Gnome #3
Location. This Gnome can be found in The Weeping Crag, one of the side-dungeons. You’ll need the Voildwalker ability for this. Enter the dungeon via the wall to the right of the locked door.

Enter the door on the left when you reach the top, and follow the path till you see a Voidwalker panel to the left. Place a portal there, and run opposite to the panel and then look up to the left to see another panel on the ceiling. Place a portal there as well.

Once these portals are linked, go past the first portal and you’ll fall out of the ceiling portal to a secret room. Inside, dive into the waters for a secret underwater tunnel. Go in and you’ll find the Gnome.

Gnome #4
Location. The fourth and final Gnome can be found in The Black Stone, which is the final dungeon of the game.

After you’ve unlocked the door to the Throne room in the past with the Skeleton Key, drop down to the left, and then climb up the nearby wall to go to the western upper region. Head through the westernmost door, and you’ll find the final Gnome.

Congratulations! You’ve just found the four rarest collectable items of Darksiders II!