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Darksiders 2 Death Tombs Locations Guide – Vulgrim’s SideQuest

Darksiders 2 gives you the liberty to trade items using Gold or Boatman Coins. Among the most rare items in the game, are legendary items. While you can buy most of these items, there are some that require you to complete a side-quest.

Vulgrim, the demon merchant commissions this side-quest leading to the legendary items and requires you to find 40 Books of the Dead Pages.

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Each Death Tomb requires 10 pages to be unlocked and comes with a legendary item. You have 40 Book of the Dead Pages which you can use to unlock 4 Death Tombs to get 4 legendary items.

The pages from the book of the dead unlock certain tomes which are filled with loot and legendary items. Once you have found all 40 Book of the Dead Pages, go to these Death Tombs specified in the locations below!

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Darksiders 2 Death Tombs Locations

Death Tomb #1
You will find it in the Nook and the legendary item you will find inside is the Blade Master Talisman.

Location. The first of the 4 Death Tombs can be found at the Nook’s external trial, leading towards the Lost Temple. From the Tomb’s Temple, head south to find the door of this tomb.

Death Tomb #2
Demonheart Talisman is the legendary item you will find in this tomb.

Location. When you enter the Liar of the Disposed King, climb down the lengthy staircase to find the Death Tomb below.

Death Tomb #3
You will find Hoardseeker Talisman inside as the legendary item.

Location. You will find the entrance to this tomb in Lostlight realm. You will approximately find it in between the Tree of Life and the Crystal Spire.

Death Tomb #4
Spear of Storms is the legendary item found in this Death Tomb

Location. Explore the realm of the Shadow’s Edge to find the entrance to this tomb. You can find in the south direction of the Black Stone.