Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Goes Free to Play

Sony Online Entertainment’s MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes soft-launched it’s free to play model earlier this week but as of today it’s officially official.

Everyone now has access to the game itself: six character races, seven character classes, and four character slots. Players who are in the game for free have certain limitations, however, like a coin limit of two platinum and a quest limit of 15, along with no access to in-game housing.

As with all Free to Play games there’s lots of bonuses for those who willing to pay the $14.99/month membership fee.

“Gold Members” will receive 500 Station Cash per month along with full access to character races and levels, more character slots, guild-creation privileges, lower in-game fees, and a few other perks such as full customer support and no in-game advertising.

Anyone with an ongoing current subscription will be converted to gold status until that subscription runs out. Anyone with a past or present Vanguard subscription will be able to access and play all of his or her characters even if you happen to be playing on a free account that normally would not have access to a specific race or class.