UbiSoft Releases a New “ZombiU” Trailer

UbiSoft released a new trailer today for their upcoming Wii U game ZombiU.

The trailer expands a bit on the teaser we saw at the E3 press conference consisting mostly of gameplay footage that shows the general survival horror atmosphere of the game. 

We get a bit more story as an older British gentleman narrates the trailer and trains the main character in zombie survival while she explores, what looks like, post outbreak London. 

The GamesCom trailer also demonstrates the sort of uses the Wii U GamePad will have in the game such as swinging your trusty criquet bat “Shaun of the Dead” style and managing your inventory, as well as unlocking doors.   

Despite a release date sometime later this year, there still isn’t a lot of information about this decidedly creepy addition to the Wii U’s launch library.  Be sure to keep an eye on Segment Next for any new information as it’s available.