Sleeping Dogs Spy Cameras Map Locations and Video Guide

Spy Cameras in Sleeping Dogs is just another tool that can be used by the protagonist to aid the Hong Kong Police in busting the drug dealers in Hong Kong. There are 26 Spy Cameras (Loosely referred to as Security Cameras) that you can hack to unlock Hong Kong Super Hacker achievement or trophy.

These security cameras aren’t easy to find, heck; they are not only difficult to find, but also difficult to hack. They are well-hidden and mostly, protected by gangs. To find these security cameras, you can follow the map and video combination later in the guide.

To hack these security cameras, you will either need to make it appear on your mini-map or follow the exact directions from the video. Each of these cameras is connected to a control panel which can be found near the camera.

You can get access to the camera by hacking the control panel. To hack a control panel, you will need an access code. These access codes are random for everyone, meaning they will be different for everyone. Hacking the control panel and finding the access code isn’t your only problem, these cameras are well-protected so you will have to clear the area first.

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Sleeping Dogs – How To Hack Spy Cameras
After interacting with the control panel, once you are connected, you will see four squares that must be filled with accurate numbers. It’s a two-step process: first, you have to remember the accurate digits. Second, you have to remember the correct placements of these digits.

An incorrect digit is marked with a red circle while an incorrect placement is marked with an orange circle. When you place an accurate digit at an accurate placement, it will show up as green.

Start with smaller digits and continue until you have found an accurate digit. After finding the accurate digits, you can experiment with the placement to find the correct placement before moving on.

Once you have hacked the camera, return to your apartment, use the surveillance system to bust the drug dealers. You can use the surveillance system by interacting with the TV set. From the menu, select the area where you found the spy camera and then the spy camera itself.

Identify the drug supplier and call-in a raid to get him arrested. Drug Dealers are mostly marked by an arrow placed above their heads while most of them can be found wearing black suits. Mark the target using the left-right thumb sticks and press the action button to call-in the raid and had the suspect arrested.

After you have arrested the supplier, the mission will end, and you will receive the rewards. Hacking Spy Cameras will not only get you achievement or trophy, but it is also a fast way to earn extra cash and increase your Cop Experience. You can use money and experience to unlock upgrades and improve abilities.

There are four areas in Sleeping Dogs with the corresponding maps to find the spy cameras (The mini-camera like symbol on the map indicates spy cameras):

Each area has a set number of spy cameras, so I will recommend, complete one area and then move forward. Once you have found all spy cameras in Sleeping Dogs, you will unlock Hong Kong Super Hacker achievement or trophy.

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