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Sleeping Dogs Health Shrines Locations Map and Video Guide

Health Shrines in Sleeping Dogs’ reward health bonuses. There are up to 50 Health Shrines scattered throughout Hong Kong that you can find. If you are looking for a reward, there is a trophy associated with finding all these shrines in Sleeping Dogs. You can unlock Spiritual Healing achievement or trophy once you have found these shrines.

They are difficult to spot since they are just small monuments where you can pray for few seconds. Finding a set of five health shrines’ rewards with a 10% health bonus boost, which makes lowers the overall difficulty of the game as you progress.

Easy way is to keep your focus when you visit each area in the game and try to explore every corner of that area. Most probably, you will find these in the hidden areas on the ground or on the roofs. While most of these shrines are easy to spot, some are very difficult, and you may have to down a sewer to retrieve few, so keep on the lookout.

There are four areas in Sleeping Dogs with the corresponding maps to find the health shrines (Small rook like symbol on the map is health shrine):

Each area has a set number of health shrines so I will recommend, complete one area and then move forward. For more help on Sleeping Dogs, read our Spy Cameras, Lock Boxes and Jade Statues Guide.

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