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Resident Evil 6 To Feature Stats Tracking

Do you like to keep track of all the zombies you have killed so far? If you do then you’re in luck since Capcom is bringing just that to their upcoming Resident Evil 6 title.

The website has been revealed to be Resident and will act as both a tracking site as well as a community portal. Players will now be able to keep track of their friends on the leaderboards and if you’re able beat a target score then you can even tweet about it.

A smartphone app for the tracker is said to be in development as well.

Capcom also revealed that they plan to host online events and challenges on their new tracker site. Winners will be rewarded with RE points which can be spent to unlocked in-game items such as player costumes etc.

Resident Evil will release on the 2nd of October for all major platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.