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Resident Evil 6: New Gameplay Video Shows Zombies In Snow

Capcom released a new video for Resident Evil 6 during their press conference earlier today at Gamescom 2012.

The new gameplay video showcases a new level called Snow-Covered Mountain. In the start of the video, Jake is trapped inside a cabin with Sherry Birkin.

Pretty soon a horde of zombies starts their rampage on the small cabin and soon surround it. We are shown mutating J’avos trying to get inside the cabin. If you’re unaware then know that these enemies mutate in unique ways depending on where in you are in the campaign, so this pincer-ant-style mutation is different from the crazy super arm or bat-winged versions seen in earlier videos.

Jake fights them out in the small space the cabin has to offer. The combat is intense and will have your gaming senses tingling.

Near the end of the video we see both Jake and Sherry try to make a run for it, just as an avalanche hits the cabin.