New SimCity Coming to Mac As Well As PC

And not only that, but PC players get access to the SimCity beta starting tomorrow!

Though it’s been some time since a SimCity title was released, 2013 is looking good for fans of the series regardless of what OS your machine is running. EA announced this revival of their ever-popular city-building series earlier in the year with a tentative release date of “Early 2013”.

During their press conference at Gamescom today, EA confirmed that SimCity will be releasing alongside the PC version of the game on their Origin digital distribution service.

There’s a trend of Mac games releasing a few weeks behind the PC versions, but EA seem quite keen to show Mac games their full support. They managed to release both versions of The Sims 3 on the same day, and that was three years ago, so I predict smooth sailing for this double-release.

And if that’s not got you all riled up, there is a SimCity beta that starts tomorrow! You can go here to sign up for the beta and begin playing as early as tomorrow. There is a small downside, and that is that this beta is PC exclusive for some reason.